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The skipper Éric Peron (Dongfeng Race Team - Volvo Ocean Race) baptized "L'Ours Blanc" on August 22nd with a bottle of Champagne Pierre d'Avitia "Grand Cru - Blanc de Blancs".


The Cuvées of Champagne Pierre d' Avitia are at the heart of the adventure B.O.A.T because they are aboard "L'Ours Blanc".















On the occasion of 130 years of the Group "Bénéteau", Jonathan, grandson of "Benjamin Bénéteau" the founder, decides to browse

the Atlantic Ocean during one year.


His objective: navigate 12000 miles around the Atlantic Ocean
during one year.



Aurélie and Jonathan


Océanis 38

Coque 64 Millésime


"L'Ours Blanc"

the day start at


(Vendée coast - France)

The skippers:

Aurélie and Jonathan



Christopher Columbus was the first one to to achieve the buckle

of the Atlantic Ocean . The North and the route B.O.A.T is largely

based on its own journey of 1492-1493.

The end of the route is different because it resumes the route

of Vikings by envisaging a stopover in Greenland.













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