I sign this champagne "Pierre d' Avitia" in memory of my ancestor

Pierre, who was born in 1656 in "Chouilly". Like him, I lived in "Avize"

on the other side of the "Mont Aigu", where he was the first

 one of a long lineage of wine growers and traders of the prestigious

"Côtes des Blancs". Ten generations later, I refresh the flame.


That this Champagne "Pierre d' Avitia", in the subtle and delicious aromas, raised with the passion of the wine grower and the oenologist, accompanies you at the important moments of your life.


That its bubbles illuminate your table and sparkle in your eyes as many falling stars...



                                                                                    Pierre d'Avitia




Dating back to the XVIIth century, Pierre is my oldest ancestor ever known in Champagne. He was born in Chouilly in 1656, at the time of the Roi Soleil and Dom Perignon.


My parents named me Pierre, that naturally inspired the brand name "Pierre Avitia", Pierre is at the origin of a long lineage of vine growers and winemakers, coopers and Champagne wine merchant from Avize and Chouilly. I am the 11th generation.


  • Pierre (1656-1711), born in Chouilly, found his family in Avize where he is winemaker. Starts with him a long lineage of vine growers and winemakers who will remain established in Avize.


  • François (….-1768), vintner in Avize.


  • François (1735-1799), vintner in Avize.


  • Louis (1771-1826), vintner in Avize.


  • Jean-Nicolas (1795-1863), wine grower in Avize.


  • Ernest (1831-1887), cooper, he became a wine merchant of Champagne wines. With his wife Adelaide AGRAPART, he founded in 1867 the Maison LECLAIRE-AGRAPART. From 1874, they owned vineyards and winery, and a beautiful house situated on 1000m2 of cellars. On their land flowed a source necessary for the estate that they shared with the families PERRIER and De CAZANOVE.


  • Henri (1852-1894), first he was a bank clerk in Epernay before leaving for military service. Back from the Army, he worked with his father Ernest and together they created on the 27th of October 1887, the Maison LECLAIRE and Company, general partnership company for trade and wines of Champagne. Maison Henri LECLAIRE has notably launched a Champagne with an unique name, Champagne AMOUR, brand created in 1887.












The wines are from the Avize and Aÿ terroirs. Particularly renowned for their quality, they are gold medalists at Paris Universal Exhbition of 1878 and at Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900.


Legal mentions

Joffres Pierre d'Avitia EIRL